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Three Bayleys Plate Up for a Purpose events have been held since 2019.  To date, over $500,000 has been raised…this equates to:

  • 984 uniforms

  • 561 stationery packs

  • 892 pairs of shoes

  • 757 families being supported


Previous iterations Bayleys Plate Up for a Purpose have been structured around taking Canterbury’s top business leaders out of the boardroom, putting them into team and training them to prepare food to a fine dining standard.  This culminated in a Gala dinner where each entrée, main and dessert was judged by attendees. The team with the most points took the coveted winner’s titles.  Each business leader was tasked with raising funds via Givealittle pages and a charity was also held during the Gala dinner.

The reality is a school uniform is a huge expense for many families, some high school uniforms can cost as much as $1,000 and primary school uniforms, and sports uniforms are a big cost –especially when a family has two or more children.


Donate to help

Helping struggling families meet school costs for uniforms, shoes, and stationery, Bayleys Plate Up for a Purpose has underpinned the Christchurch City Mission’s Back to School Programme.

Together we can make change, thanks to all who support this.

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