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The Christchurch City Mission’s Back to School programme gives children of qualifying families the start in life they deserve to succeed in school on the same level as their classmates. 




Why should I get involved? Why is it important?

A good start in education is vital to a young person’s chances in life. The Back to School Programme allows a young person to face their education with confidence instead of with embarrassment and with low self-esteem because they lack the basics. Supporting these young people now can help build a bright self-sufficient future.


If I donate to ‘Bayleys Plate Up for a Purpose’, where does the money go?

All the money goes to the Christchurch City Mission’s Back to School Programme. It will cover necessary costs such as uniforms, shoes and stationery.


How does the child receive their uniform?

After an assessment, families collect their new school supplies from the Christchurch City Mission.


How do you know a child is disadvantaged?

Families asking for help with school costs are interviewed by a Christchurch City Mission social worker. This includes an in-depth assessment of their financial position.

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